moonlight moon‧light [ˈmuːnlaɪt] verb [intransitive]
if you moonlight, you have a second job in addition to your main job, without the knowledge of your main employer or the tax authorities:

• She's been moonlighting as a waitress in the evenings.

— moonlighter noun [countable] :

• If you hire a moonlighter, you're taking a chance.

— moonlighting noun [uncountable] :

• He's been doing some moonlighting for another company.

* * *

moonlight UK US /ˈmuːnlaɪt/ verb [I] WORKPLACE
to work at an extra job, especially without telling your main employer: »

Nearly a third of nurses are moonlighting to make ends meet, according to a report.

moonlight as sth »

I occasionally moonlight as a caterer.

moonlighter noun [C]

Trusting a moonlighter to do your house renovation work is risky.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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